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Playlist "Burnt Beyond Recognition"-Session
BrennBar MS, Nov. 1999

Nr.     Interpret       Track (Version)
1       Click Click         I Rage I Melt
2       Die Krupps          Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn
3       Second Decay        Der Nerv
4       Psyche              Haunted
5       Cyberaktif          Nothing stays
6       Wire                So and slow it grows
7       Depeche Mode        Lie To Me
8       The Cure            Lullaby
9       Mesh                Is nothing sacred?
10      Nine Inch Nails     Where is everybody?
11      Janus               Knochenhaus
12      Deine Lakaien       Into My Arms (exclusive remix)
13      Paradise Lost       Mercy
14      Projekt Pitchfork   Carnival (Krupps Mix)
15      Leather Strip       Turn To Stone
16      Mentallo & The FixerGrim Reality
17      Björk               (Track 2 Remix Album)
18      Underworld          Cowgirl
19      Unit:187            Nobody
20      Sisters Of Mercy    Nine while nine
21      Morthem Vlade Arte  Barbaric Breath
22      Type O´Negative     Cinnamon Girl
23      Nick Cave           Weeping Song
24      Depeche Mode        Sister Of Night
25      VNV Nation          Legion (demo)
26      Heavy Water Factory Control (RMX)
27      Covenant            Tour De Force (Club)
28      Waldgeist           Rumpelstilzchen (Radio Edit)
29      Dive                Final Report
30      Imminent Starvation Lost highway 45
31      :wumpscut:          Fear In Motion
32      Paradise Lost       This Cold Life
33      Burn                In
34      Cassandra Complex   Penny Century
35      Citizen Pain        Face of an angel
36      L´Ame Immortelle    Bitterkeit*
37      Orange Sector       Polizisten*
38      Lady Besery´s GardenCollapse*
39      Cassandra Complex   One Millionth Happy Customer*
40      Kirlian Camera      Eclipse*
41      VNV Nation          Solitary*
42      Project Pitchfork   Carrion*
43      Evils Toy           Angels Only*
44      Front 242           No Shuffle*
45      Grauzone            Träume mit mir*
46      Killing Joke        Darkness before dawn*
47      Death In June       She said destroy*
48      New Model Army      Green and Grey*
49      Depeche Mode        Dressed in black
50      Nitzer Ebb          I give to you
51      Mesh                Needle in a bruise
52      Covenant            Voices (optocoded)
53      Skinny Puppy        Antagonism
54      Stromkern           Mercy Seat
55      Neuroticfish        Skin
56      Din_Fiv             Piss Christ V2.0
57      KMFDM               Beast
58      White Zombie        More human than human
59      Nine Inch Nails     We´re in this together (album vers.)
60      Laibach             Leben-Tod
61      Sonar               Shotgun Radio
62      Tunnel              Slow down

All tracks spinned by dj niggels except* spinned by guest dj daniel