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"Happy Cadaver" Sputnikhalle MS 21.06.00

All tracks spinned by DJ Niggels except the ones in Italics spinned by DJ Benny.

Nr.     Interpret               Track (Version)
1       Frankie Goes To H. Two Tribes (Hibakusha Mix)
2       Stromkern               Paradise
3       Moev                    Suffer
4       Depeche Mode            Walking In My Shoes
5       The Cure                High
6       Death In June           Fall Apart
7       New Model Army          Vagabonds
8       Joachim Witt            Das geht tief (Radio Mix)
9       Nine Inch Nails         Sin
10      Cut.Rate.Box            New Religion
11      Cleaner                 Gottaca (Reprise)
12      Evils Toy               Organics
13      Paradise Lost           So much is lost
14      Failure                 Enjoy The Silence
15      Psyche                  Unveiling The Secret (US-Mix)
16      Projekt Pitchfork       Carnival
17      Zeromancer              Clone Your Lover (Pitchfork Mix)
18      Cobalt 60               Born Again (Cubanate-Storm-Mix)
19      Pain                    End Of The Line (Pinoccio shot mix)
20      Oomph!                  Mein Herz
21      Die Krupps              To The Hilt (Clawfinger Mix)
22      Lacrimosa               Siehst Du Mich Im Licht

23      Alien Sex Fiend         Dead And Buried
24      Deine Lakaien           Love me to the end (Remix)
25      Sisters Of Mercy        Lights
26      Therion                 Birth Of Venus Illigitima
27      :wumpscut:              Torn skin
28      L´Ame Immortelle        Bitterkeit
29      Type O´Negative         My Girlfriend´s Girlfriend
30      Sara Noxx               Society
31      And One                 Technoman (live)
32      Covenant                Figurehead (live)
33      VNV Nation              Honour
34      Apoptygma Berzerk       Non Stop Violence (CNN Version)
35      KMFDM                   Megalomaniac
36      Velvet Acid Christ      Let´s kill all these motherfuckers
37      Haujobb                 Maternal Instinct
38      Deine Lakaien           Night Of Love
39      Type O´Negative         Love me to death
40      Christian Death         This is heresy
41      Dreadful Shadows        Homeless
42      Red Zebra               I can´t live in a...
43      Einstürzende Neubauten  Feurio
44      Front Line Assembly     Gun (live)
45      Suicide Commando        Comatose Delusion
46      Skinny Puppy            Assimilate
47      Atrocity                The Great Commandment
48      Oomph!                  Wunschkind
49      Marilyn Manson          Beautiful People
50      Tuxedomoon              No Tears
51      Joy Division            Love will tear us apart
52      B-Movie                 Nowhere Girl
53      The Cure                A Forest
54      Silke Bischoff          On The Other Side
55      Second Decay            I Hate Berlin
56      Mesh                    Trust You (live)
57      Depeche Mode            Never let me down again (live 98)
58      Das Ich                 Destillat (VNV Nation Remix)
59      Covenant                Like Tears In Rain
60      Numb                    Blood
61      Einstürzende Neubauten  Yü Güng (live)
62      Sonar                   Manic Room
63      The Klinik              Moving Hands
64      Nine Inch Nails         Into The Void
65      Sisters Of Mercy        Alice
66      Joy Division            She´s Lost Control
67      Sol Invictus            Black Easter
68      Front 242               Happiness (live)
69      New Order               True Faith
70      Camouflage              Love Is A Shield
71      DAF/DOS                 Mussolini
72      Prodigy                 Breathe
73      Chemical Brothers       Hey Boy Hey Girl
74      VNV Nation              Darkangel (Das Ich Remix)
75      Apoptygma Berzerk       Paranoia
76      Covenant                Dead Stars (Club Mix)
77      The Cure                Play For Today (live)
78      Trans X                 Living On A Video
79      Siouxsie & The Banshees Passenger
80      De/Vision               Freedom (Oomph Remix)
81      Depeche Mode            Enjoy The Silence (live 98)
82      Project Pitchfork       Souls
83      Sisters Of Mercy        Temple Of Love
84      Paradise Lost           As I Die
85      MDFMK                   Witchhunt
86      Die Ärzte               Teenagerliebe
87      Covenant                One World One Sky
88      VNV Nation              Standing (motion)