Electrofixx vs. Electronic Odyssey
01.04.06 Triptychon Münster
Mitschrift ab ca. 22:45 Uhr. Kursiv gedruckte Songs wurden von DJ Benny (Electronic Odyssey) aufgelegt, die in Fettdruck von DJ Niggels.

Nr. Interpret Titel (Version/Source)
1. à;Grumh... Danger Zone (live)
2. Epsilon Minus Forever More (EM Acid Mix)
3. Hioctan Walk Upright
4. Spetznaz Degenerate Ones
5. Militant Cheerleaders On The Move Neuropia
6. Pzychobitch Big Big Lover (Total Subjection Mix)
7. Depeche Mode Better Days (Basteroid Dance Mix)
8. OhGr Cracker
9. X Marks The Pedwalk Cul-de-sac
10. Babyland Past Lives
11. Kirlian Camera Erinnerung V.2
12. Gridlock Halo (Rebirth)
13. Benestrophe Future Tense
14. Dive Isolation
15. Leather Strip Slam
16. Vomito Negro Erection
17. Steril Overgod
18. Fixmer/McCarthy Destroy
19. Rotersand Electronic World Transmission (reconstructed)
20. Die Krupps & Douglas McCarthy Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn
21. Oomph! Feiert das Kreuz
22. Nine Inch Nails Terrible Lie
23. Skinny Puppy Worlock
24. :wumpscut: Capital Punishment
25. Numb Blood
26. Front Line Assembly Provision
27. Nitzer Ebb Join In The Chant (live)
28. Laibach Tanz mit Laibach
29. Front 242 U-Men
30. Mentallo & The Fixer Decomposed (trampled)
31. Shift Electrofixx
32. Plastic Noise Experience & D. Ivens Moving Hands (live)
33. And One Spontanverkehr
34. Covenant Tension (Club Version)
35. Spetsnaz That Perfect Body
36. Placebo Effect Move
37. Leather Strip Suicide Bombers (12")
38. Snarph! Reden & Atmen
39. Combichrist Sex Drugs Industrial (Low Tech Mix)
40. Suicide Commando Menschenfresser (Agonoize Remix)
41. :wumpscut: Black Death (French Concept)
42. Skinny Puppy Morpheus Laughing
43. Noise Unit Kick To Kill
44. Dive Blood Money
45. Brummkreiselband Sprachbeispiel III
46. Apoptygma Berzerk Burnin Heretic (orig.)
47. Haujobb. World Window
48. Nitzer Ebb Control I'm Here
49. The Normal Warm Leatherette
50. The Klinik Into Deep Water
51. Vomito Negro Raise Your Power
52. Front 242 No Shuffle
53. Leather Strip Don't Tame Your Soul
54. Laibach Achtung!
55. Rotersand Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (Reclubbed)
56. VNV Nation Fearless (live)
57. Chemical Brothers Hey Boy Hey Girl
58. Tiga Sunglasses At Night
59. Depeche Mode In Your Memory
60. Steril No Remission
61. Oomph! Mein Herz
62. Die Krupps Germaniac
63. Spetsnaz Apathy
64. Cobalt 60 Born Again (Cubanate Sturm-Mix)
65. Nine Inch Nails Sin (Adrian Sherwood Mix)
66. Feindflug Stukas Im Visier
67. KMFDM Light
68. Skinny Puppy Addiction (live)
69. Portion Control Go Talk
70. Nitzer Ebb Isn't it funny how your body works
71. DAF Als wär's das letzte Mal
72. Click Click Sweet Stuff
73. The Young Gods The Sound Of Your Eyes
74. Skinny Puppy I'mmortal
75. Kraftwerk Radioaktivität
76. And One Aus der Traum
77. Suicide Commando Cause of Death: Suicide (Club Edit)
78. Assemblage 23 Document
79. Hocico Born To Be Hated
80. Front Line Assembly Surface Patterns (live)
81. Covenant Sweet & Salty
82. Depeche Mode A Pain That I'm Used To (Telex Mix)
83. Signal Aout 42 Fatal Attraction
84. Spillsbury Was Wir MAchen (Kid Alex Remix)
85. Pixelman Sub Host
86. Windir Dance Of Mortal Lust

© 2006 by DJ Niggels & DJ Benny

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