Playlist 02.12.2011 Götterdämmerung (Knüppelkammer)
mit DJ Seb

01. Let The Horror And Chaos Come (Behexen)
02. Vert Helvete (Tsjuder)
03. Kadavergarten (Moder)
04. Anarchogram Sun (The Rotted)
05. ? (S.. C..)
06. No Guts, No Glory (Bolt Thrower)
07. Electric Eye (Benediction)
08. Scorbutics (Asphyx)
09. Graveyard Slut (Darkthrone)
10. Goatcraft Torment (Urgehal)
11. Damned In Black (Immortal)
12. Papyrus Containing the Spell to Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is in the Water (Nile)
13. Spheres Of Madness (Decapitated)
14. Beckoning Of The Xul (Kataklysm)
15. Breathing Pestilence (Misery Index)
16. Angels Of Hell (Deicide)
17. Cry my Name (Bloodbath)
18. Together as One (Death)
19. Kill Maim Burn (Debauchery)
20. Ordered Eastward (Hail Of Bullets)
21. The All Destroying (Goatwhore)
22. Opus Dei (The Morbid Angel) (Watain)
23. Baptism By Fire (Marduk)
24. Voldsherskeren (Tsjuder)
25. Too Old Too Cold (Darkthrone)
26. One With the Earth (Carpathian Forest)
27. Cold Hate, Warm Blood (Cryptopsy)
28. Bloodcraft (Krisiun)
29. Ruthless Warrior (Moloch) (Besatt)
30. Achtung: Panzer (Totenmond)
31. CataWomb (Dark Fortress)
32. Inside the Wire (Bolt Thrower)
33. Death Metal Warmachine (Debauchery)
34. Infecting The Crypts (Suffocation)
35. Revolt (Gorefest)
36. Sexdictator Lucifer (Belphegor)
37. Puritania (Dimmu Borgir)
38. Black Flags Of Hate (Thulcandra)
39. Hundre Ar Gammal (Khold)
40. Preaching Death And Destruction (Dodsferd)
41. Let the Devil In (Sargeist)
42. Rastlos (Lunar Aurora)
43. Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark) (Immortal)
44. Beyond The Great Vast Forest (Emperor)
45. Nemesis Divina (Satyricon)
46. Fagning (Windir)
47. Ubiquitous (Origin)
48. Slaves Of Nil (Psycroptic)
49. Your Treachery Will Die With You (Dying Fetus)
50. The Great Depression (Misery Index)
51. They Must Die Screaming (Benediction)
52. The Golden Horns Of Darash (Watain)
53. Fra Vadested Til Vaandesmed (Taake)
54. Apocalyptic Prophecies (The Sign Of Hades) (Hades Almighty)
55. Lucifer's Flamethrower Horde (Thy Demonical Squad) (Horncrowned)
56. Eigenwach (Dornenreich)
57. Unter Toten Kapitänen (Geist)
58. Salme (Tulus)
59. Angeln (Rainald Grebe)

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