Playlist Götterdämmerung (Mainfloor)
Fr., 30.05.2014, Triptychon, Münster
2. Floor - Knüppelkammer

1. Dark Tranquillity Lost to Apathy
2. A Canorous Quintet In the Twilight of Fear
3. Kalmah The Black Waltz
4. Amorphis Perkele (The God of Fire)
5. Dew-Scented Processing Life
6. The Haunted D.O.A.
7. Carcass Room 101
8. Facebreaker Unanimated Flesh
9. Zyklon Disintegrate
10. Obituary Don't Care
11. Samael Baphomet's Throne
12. Dissection The Somberlain
13. Watain Sworn to the Dark
14. Hypocrisy A Coming Race
15. Bloodbath Treasonous
16. Bolt Thrower Return From Chaos
17. Death Spirit Crusher
18. Morbid Angel Immortal Rites
19. Kataklysm Crippled & Broken
20. Grave Soulless
21. Dismember Casket Garden
22. Benediction Ashen Epitaph
23. Amon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods
24. Children of Bodom Sixpounder
25. Legion of the Damned Legion of the Damned
26. Six Feet Under Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
27. Slayer Dead Skin Mask
28. Misery Index Conjuring the Cull
29. Malevolent Creation The Will to Kill
30. Dying Fetus One Shot, One Kill
31. Bloodbath Cancer of the Soul
32. Immortal Damned in Black
33. Unleashed Midvinterblot
34. Asphyx Deathhammer
35. Entrails Eaten by the Dead
36. Kataklysm As I Slither
37. Entombed Out of Hand
38. The Forsaken Blackend
39. Sepultura Arise
40. Dimmu Borgir Mourning Palace
41. Ghost Brigade Architect of New Beginnings
42. Vallenfyre Dragged To Gehenna
43. Gorefest Erase
44. Vader Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)
45. Primordial Bloodied Yet Unbowed
46. Deströyer 666 Unchain the Wolves
47. Darkthrone Too Old, Too Cold
48. My Dying Bride The Raven and the Rose
49. Obituary Back From the Dead
50. Death Zombie Ritual
51. Entombed Wolverine Blues
52. Exodus The Ballad of Leonard and Charles
53. Entombed Left Hand Path
54. Darkthrone Quintessence
55. Naglfar As the Twilight Gave Birth to the Night
56. Fred vom Jupiter Fred vom Jupiter

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