Playlist:Tanz der Vampire Fr. 22. Juli 2016
Elephant Lounge Münster


C = DJ Chris / N = DJ Niggels

1 Summernight Cold C
2 True Faith Dreadfull Shadows C
3 Filthy Notes Lacrimas Profundere C
4 Faith healer The Bollock Brothers C
5 Bela Lugosi's Dead Bauhaus N
6 Bitti bitte Die Ärzte N
7 Unwesentreiben ASP N
8 Into the Wild Agent Side Grinder N
9 Battles Minuit Machine N
10 Go Film (Hard Version 2) Covenant N
11 Input Error (Schwefelgelb Remix) Haujobb N
12 Unveiling Psyche C
13 Egomaniac Noisuf-X C
14 Blitzkrieg Deathstars C
15 Heile, heile Segen Mono Inc. C
16 Mersburger zauberprüche In Extremo C
17 Selig Helium Vola C
18 Wo Sind Die Clowns Saltatio Mortis N
19 Haifisch Rammstein N
20 Underpass John Foxx N
21 Allan Align Drangsal N
22 To The Hilt (album version) Die Krupps N
23 Space & Time VNV Nation N
24 Love Never Dies Apoptygma Berzerks C
25 Strasse Ascii Disko C
26 Starfighter F-104G Welle: Erdball C
27 Der Mussolini (1981) DAF C
28 No Tears Tuxedomoon C
29 Gottes Tod (kurz) Das Ich N
30 Stage 2 X-Rx N
31 Egomaniac Noisuf-X N
32 Deus ex Machina Nachtmahr N
33 TZDV Faderhead N
34 Dead Stars Covenant N
35 Major Tom (Coming Home) Apoptygma Berzerk N
36 Delight Solitary Experiments N
37 Sparrow and the nightingales Wolfsheim C
38 Over and Done (Single Edit) Deine Lakaien C
39 Varulven Garmarna C
40 Herr Mannelig Haggard
41 Over The Hills And Far Away Nightwish C
42 Der Tanz Der Schatten Theatre Of Tragedy C
43 Sieben Subway to Sally C
44 elektro-Hexe Eisregen C
45 After Dark Tito & Tarantula C
46 Personal Jesus Depeche Mode C
47 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Marilyn Manson C
48 Nowhere Girl B-Movie C
49 Dead Souls Nine Inch Nails N
50 A Bout Portant Derniere Volonte N
51 Beat and the Pulse Austra N
52 Tango 2000 Nichts N
53 Tear You Apart She Wants Revenge N
54 Transmission Joy Division N
55 The Bitter End Placebo N
56 The Trooper Iron Maiden N
57 Ich Will Rammstein N
58 Ten Thousand Fists Disturbed C
59 Temple Of Love (Extended Version) The Sisters Of Mercy C
60 The Hanging Garden The Cure C
61 The Passenger Siouxsie And The Banshees C
62 cause of death suicide suicide commando C
63 Egoshooter Eisenfunk C
64 Rotersand Last Ship(Rearranged) C
65 Only Human Remains Fractured C
66 Bete zu Gott (Clubmix) Rotten Core N
67 Headhunter v1.0 Front 242 N
68 Once In A Lifetime Wolfsheim N
69 Control VNV Nation N
70 Call The Ships To Port Covenant N
71 Down With The Sickness Disturbed N
72 Miststück Megaherz N
73 Go Back The Klinik N
74 Fly With Me Alien Skull Paint N
75 Deutschmaschine And One C
76 I hate Berlin Second decay C
77 Papillon Editors C
78 Wenn Ich Tot Bin... (Sollst Du Tanzen) Luna Luna C
79 Und wir tanzten ASP C
80 Palästinalied Qntal C
81 Dragula (Hot Hod Herman Remix) Rob Zombie C
82 Framed In Blood The 69 Eyes C
83 Wolf Moon Type O Negative N
84 Burn Forever Dead Souls N
85 Tear Drop Massive Attack N
86 Love Is A Kind Of Mystery Invisible Limits N
87 Never Enough Aesthetic Perfection N
88 Firestarter (edit) Prodigy C
89 Eclipse Kirlian Camera C
90 Das Model Denis Wittberg und seine Schellack Solisten C
91 Cry Little Sister Lost Boys Soundtrack C

All tracks spinned by DJ Niggels

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